Professional in Preclinical Animal Experimentation

Project: TraffikGene-Tx

TraffikGene-Tx is an EU-funded project from Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, focused on the development a novel technology for the efficient and non-toxic delivery of therapeutic RNAs. Our goal is to address unmet clinical needs in rare and complex genetic diseases, such as metabolic diseases or cancer, using our proprietary amphiphilic peptide carriers, which we aim to commercialize in the near future after establishing a spin-off company.

Job Description

In our research group, we are seeking for an experienced professional with a background in animal experimentation to join our team. We offer an excellent opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary environment, collaborating within a multidisciplinary team at the edge of chemistry, biology, and medicine. The selected candidates will contribute primarily to the development of our in vivo preclinical pipeline to evaluate the efficacy and safety of new RNA therapeutics that we are maturing in house. In addition, the candidate will contribute to in vitro activities and physicochemical characterization of the drug products under development. TraffikGene-Tx is in the process of becoming a spin-off, offering professional development opportunities both in academia and the biotech industry.


  • Handling, management, and administration of substances to rodents via various routes (e.g., intranasal, intravenous, intraperitoneal). Collection and processing of samples (plasma, tissues, and organs from rodents).
  • Developing and executing rodent models to evaluate the efficacy of drugs.
  • Conducting in vitro efficacy studies, including cell cultures and isolation of primary cultures.
  • Preparing reagents and maintaining equipment, instruments, and animal facilities in optimal conditions.
  • Evaluating key physicochemical properties of pharmacological formulations using techniques such as DLS, electrophoresis, flow cytometry.
  • Accurately recording all results in electronic laboratory notebooks and databases.
  • Actively participating in team meetings to discuss research progress and results.
  • Contributing to the continuous improvement of laboratory protocols and standard operating procedures.
  • Ensuring that all laboratory activities comply with safety regulations and best practices.
  • Supporting the training of new team members.


  • Higher Vocational Training (FPII) in fields related to Chemistry or Biomedicine.
  • A bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Veterinary Medicine, or related fields is highly valued.
  • A Ph.D. in related areas is highly considered. Certification to work with experimental animals (Categories B and C at least).
  • Demonstrable experience in administering substances to rodents via various routes.
  • in the collection of biological samples.
  • At least 12 months of research experience.
  • Training and experience in cell cultures.
  • Knowledge of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques.
  • Experience in analysing results using statistical software and electronic notebooks.
  • Experience in writing technical reports and scientific documentation.
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team.
  • Attention to detail and precision in performing experimental tasks.

What We Offer

  • A dynamic and collaborative work environment.
  • Opportunities for professional development and continuous training.
  • Participation in innovative and impactful projects in the field of gene therapy.
  • Professional growth potential both in academia and the biotech industry, as TraffikGene-Tx is in the process of becoming a spin-off.
  • Salary negotiable depending on the candidate.

How to Apply

Send your updated CV along with a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and motivation to join the TraffikGene-Tx project at Universidad de Santiago de Compostela.

Applications will be accepted until July 31, 2024.

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