Gene delivery made simple

Despite the vast therapeutic potential that nucleic acid therapeutics (NATs) hold to address the genetic roots of a wide variety of  diseases, universal RNA-based treatments remain elusive due to the “delivery problem”.

What we do

In TraffikGene we are committed to improve the lives of patients in need by enabling the full potential of NATs.

Our goal

Our goal is to develop the next wave of effective, safe and targeted advanced therapeutics leveraging on our proprietary non-viral gene delivery technology.​

Systemically administered naked RNA is quickly degraded by endonucleases and can provoke adverse immune reactions. It has no affinity for target cells, and its off-target actions can be toxic. To protect and transport RNA, viral and non-viral vectors have been developed and are already in clinical settings, even though certain challenges related to high cost of goods, formulation complexities or difficult access to IPR still affect these technologies in one way or another.

Furthermore, accurately targeting NATs to tissues and cellular subtypes of interest is non-trivial, and it remains one of the most relevant unmet needs in order for NATs to maximize their potential impact on patients in need. ​


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