TraffikGene is determined to overcome many of the current NAT delivery limitations leveraging on a conceptually new proprietary delivery technology platform.

TraffikGene is a spinoff project from the Universidad of Santiago de Compostela (NewCo establishment projected Q4 2024), which originates within the research group led by Prof. Javier Montenegro.

TraffikGene’s technology overcomes many of the current limitations in nucleic acid therapeutics delivery leveraging on a conceptually new proprietary technology platform. Our approach is based on short peptides that are decorated with hydrophobic tails via click chemistry ligation to generate hundreds of different carriers with tuneable structural properties. After the carrier library is generated, every individual candidate is formulated with different gene material cargos to perform a high-throughput screening functional analysis which allows carrier hit identification.

Given that only a single carrier molecule is required for the effective delivery of nucleic acids, it is possible to extract structure-activity relationships to select tailored carriers for specific characteristics such as cargo type or in vivo targeting. TraffikGene gene delivery vehicles are readily disassembled into easily processable components for the cells, which makes them non-immunogenic and safe to use in diverse therapeutic settings.